Which are the Romance languages?

The Romance languages are a group of languages that evolved from Vulgar Latin, the colloquial form of Latin spoken by the common people in the Roman Empire. These languages developed in various regions of the Roman Empire as Latin underwent significant phonological, grammatical, and lexical changes over time. The primary Romance languages include:

Italian: Italian is spoken primarily in Italy, but it also has communities of speakers in Switzerland, San Marino, and other regions. It is known for its rich literary tradition, including the works of Dante Alighieri and Petrarch.

French: French is spoken in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, and various other countries and
regions. It is known for its influence on diplomacy, art, and culture and is one of the official languages of
the United Nations.

Spanish: Spanish is spoken in Spain and most of Latin America. It has a rich literary tradition, including the works of authors like Miguel de Cervantes. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

Portuguese: Portuguese is the official language of Portugal, Brazil, and several other countries and regions. It has a significant presence in Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world due to historical colonization.

Romanian: Romanian is the only Romance language spoken in Eastern Europe. It is the official language of Romania and Moldova and has influences from Slavic languages.

In addition to these primary Romance languages, there are also several regional Romance languages and dialects that have developed in specific areas. These include:

  • Catalan: Spoken in Catalonia, Valencia, the Balearic Islands, and parts of France and Italy.
  • Galician: Spoken in the Galicia region of Spain.
  • Occitan: Spoken in southern France and parts of Italy and Spain.
  • Sardinian: Spoken on the island of Sardinia in Italy.
  • Provencal: Spoken in the Provence region of France.
  • Neapolitan: Spoken in the southern Italian region of Campania.
  • Venetian: Spoken in the Veneto region of Italy.

These Romance languages and dialects share a common linguistic heritage, but they have distinct characteristics and regional variations. They are collectively known as Romance languages due to their historical connection to the Roman Empire and their common origin in Vulgar Latin.