Who started the grammar?

The development of grammar, as a system of rules and structures for language, is not attributed to a single individual. Instead, it has evolved over time as languages themselves have evolved. Grammar is a fundamental aspect of language and is integral to human communication. It has been studied and formalized by linguists and scholars throughout history.

One of the most famous figures in the history of grammar is the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, who discussed the structure and nature of language in his works. However, grammatical concepts and rules existed in various forms in many different cultures and languages long before Plato’s time.

In modern linguistics, the study of grammar is a vast field, and there have been many influential scholars and grammarians who have contributed to our understanding of language structure. Some notable figures in the history of grammar and linguistics include Ferdinand de Saussure, Noam Chomsky, and Leonard Bloomfield, among others.

Grammar is an ongoing field of study, and its development and analysis continue to evolve as we better understand the complexities of language.