Are you looking for Foreign Language training for your company’s employees?

Forefront Academy understands that every client has a different need when it comes to learning a foreign language. Forefront Academy, thus has evolved different course modules for different requirements.

 As the pre-eminent Foreign Language Training institute, we have the ability to:

Understand your requirements and provide intensive language training and monitor students’ progress to meet the expected result. We conduct the training on site or at our premises.

Provide country-specific cultural sensitization training.

We offer packages for corporate whose employees who have no prior knowledge of Foreign Language and the employees who wish to brush their language skills. However, in the second case, Forefront Academy conducts a level test to ensure that the teacher can set the goals for the course.

Provide comprehensive study and practice material for future use.

The teaching methodology will vary from case to case and will include teaching aids like audio and multimedia.

 Our professional foreign language crash course helps you to pick a foreign language in no time and increase your productivity level in the new land. Our corporate training programs are well planned and customized after understanding the language training objectives of your company.

It has become imperative to converse in multiple languages to grow your business diversity. Foreign Language training is a serious business affair in a corporate today aiming to extend cross-cultural and language training to its employees. FOREFRONT ACADEMY aims to overcome this language barrier through its excellent foreign language training programs. Training can be delivered at any location of your choice. In-house corporate language training for employees’ offers customization in course-ware, flexibility in time and is definitely cost-effective. All the language training modules designed by FOREFRONT ACADEMY are as per CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) standards.

The corporate training program structure generally comprises the following but courses are tweaked to include or exclude training items as per your specific requirements.

Understanding the alphabets and words
Focus on Pronunciation
Acquaintance with the general and business-specific phrases and jargons
Listening and understanding the foreign speaker in his native accent
Emphasis on grammar and proper formation of sentences
Learning the basic lifestyle and business etiquettes of the foreign land
Speaking with good fluency and right accent
Writing skills

LANGUAGE is the key, for a communication to happen and we believe that the process of learning a language is incomplete without understanding the people and culture of the respective countries. So, we don’t just teach you a “LANGUAGE”, we make you an expert in language and culture.

We customise each program to ensure it matches the unique requirements of each organisation towards ups killing its resources.

Our corporate training programs equip participants with the ability to use their newly acquired language to maintain the further business relations.

We are serving big MNCs and small to medium size companies with their language requirements (Check Our Clients). We cater to translation, interpretation, and staffing needs apart from the foreign language training programs for individuals and corporate.